Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a wig for the first time, it’s important to visit a wig centre or get a home visit from a wig provider and try some different styles. The style you think you want might not look like what you anticipate when you try it on. Wigs can look very differently in a photo than they do on your head. Hair stylist in wig centre can also show you how to put wig on head and ensure it fits properly.

  • How do I get over feeling of awkwardness about wearing a wig?

    If you are new to wearing wigs, you may feel self-conscious about wearing them. The one important thing to remember is when it’s in the box, it’s a wig, but once it’s on your head, it’s your hair! Try not to feel uncomfortable wearing one.

  • Custom wig means the wig is customized as customer’s required specification. Custom wig can be made in your hair length, hair colour, hair density and head measurements, so it can fit you very well. Usually, custom wig takes 15 days to process.

  • Yes, in customize wigs we can make wavy or curly pattern as your pictures. But for some special requests, like do layers, you had better let your stylist do that.

  • No. The best way to cut your system is while it is on your head. That means all new lace wigs have a strip of bare lace at the front or around the perimeter

  • Our human hair wig is made of 100% human hair. If you are experience in colouring, you can make styling on the hair as you wish on your natural hair.

  • Yes, the hair could be styled, flat ironed according to whatever hairstyle you prefer (Although we do not recommend flat ironing a curly unit, because you will loosen its curl over time).

  • Yes! All of our wigs are 100% human hair. You can use your normal styling tools to achieve various hairstyles to suite your fashion needs. Please remember that with all human hair, excessive heat may damage the natural cuticle.

  • Yes. Wigs have “open ear tabs” and glasses will slide under

  • Please read the WIG CARE SHEET on caring for your wig.

  • Yes, we have some free style wigs that you can be parted anywhere, except fix parting wig

  • Once you have found a style you like, it is time to select a colour option. If you are new to wigs, consider staying close to your natural colour (you can always have fun experimenting with colour later you can also order colour rings or make use of our expert colour consultation services by submitting a photo or a hair swatch.

  • It can be really confusing as there is a lot of terminology that you won’t be familiar with if you are new to wig

  • In addition to wigs, a variety of headwear is available including scarves, hats, bandanas; turban and sleep caps are available.

  • Many people buy wigs online and do not have any problem however unfortunately we are more commonly hearing from people who are experiencing problems with online retailers do your research before making a purchase check online review and most importantly check the supplier’s return policy. Please do not assume that all online retailers will allow returns.

    We would always recommend going to at least one proper wig fitting to gain advice for a professional. They can show you how to put the wig on properly and advice about sizes. If purchasing a wig for the first time it can be hard to know what you need.